Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Holiday Rush!

This is my first post since November as I had no idea what Etsy had in store for me for the holiday! =) Last year this time I was still building my inventory and tweaking my pictures. I know that Etsy gets incredibly busy for the holidays but I had no idea that I would be part of it this year! I remember it starting for me in October. I have this need to get orders out as soon as possible because I know how excited people are to get them. I also love signing in to see that "you need to leave feedback message". I still do a happy dance to this day. Its such a great feeling! Once the order is complete, I always leave feedback to get rid of the numbers at the top as a feeling of accomplishment so to speak. Well I was about 42 deep in November...the orders did not stop coming in which was amazing! I was thrilled! I love being able to share my creativity with all of you and I still cannot believe how crazy busy it really gets. I was crocheting about 12-15 hours a day. I thought my husband was going to come home from work one night and find me wrapped up under pounds and pounds of yarn with my crochet hooks stuck to my What a great holiday season. The Etsy community rocks and I am so proud to be part of it!!! Here is to another great year! May 2011 be just as good if not better!