Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unexpected Vintage Find

So our family moved into a new apartment on June 1st! We have so much more space now and I'm so excited to begin tastefully filling it! I went to a local Antique shop yesterday with my daughter looking for end tables for my bedroom. Of course every table I found that I loved didn't have a matching one. Its fun to keep looking though! We came across the kitchen section and there was this little box looking dresser thing. I had to know what this was. It was so small and looked so interesting! I pulled one of the drawers out and out came a coaster! This was such a great little find! We needed coasters anyways and finding coasters as cool as these was worth the trip since I didn't find my end tables =) We love them! When my husband saw them last night he told me that his grandparents used to have a very similar set. Its so great to be able to bring back a piece like this to life in a new home! I'd say we did good for our first outing of many! Here are some pictures!


  1. My grandparents had a set like this but when you pulled out a certain coaster, it played music!